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Commercials with Attitude

Let me pick the tone and I might just listen.

If the point in advertising is to get listeners to pay attention to the ads then maybe marketers should simultaneously broadcast several versions of the same commercial, each one differing in tone. I know I might pay more attention if I could put the TV into sarcastic mode.
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Every year the public could vote for their favorite TV commercials. The winners could get free airtime for their ads. Maybe even make it into an awards show.
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Commercial Storylines

Get rid of the choppiness.

One of the thing that's irritating about commercials is that they jump from one thing to the next in spastic leaps. I might pay at least a little more attention to them (a little, not much) if they were connected into some sort of storyline. There could be one about Plavix saving the fire chief from a blod clot and another about firemen relying on Dell batteries when they were in dangerous situations. They could connect the two by showing the same scene where they're running out of the building and going up to fire chief Jim who was still there to greet them because he hadn't been felled by a blood clot thanks to Plavix.  If nothing else the sequence might make commercials more amusing. Kind of another step towards product placement within the storylines of the shows/movies.
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When you are attempting to advertise something, whether it is your personal services or representing a business, you want to make it the best you possibly can. Some things you need to keep in mind is try to be creative and interesting. When you are attempting to advertise something differentiate it from the competition. Make it stand out from the crowd.

Try to be intelligent but subtle with your ideas and make sure they relate to what you are trying to sell.  Know your audience and what they will respond to.  Comedy? intelligence?  Action?
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When you are trying to advertise a product or promote a company it is important to find what clicks with the public. Visual effects or bright colors are eye-catching and a good marketing tool. Watch colors and shapes to find images that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. If you have posters up, using 3-D effects where possible will draw attention. Think about your target audience so that you can find what they will relate to. For example, Lego ads often show people what they can potentially build using Legos in order to stimulate the imagination.
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Bandwagon Identifier

There are several well-known categories that both commercial and political ads fall into (testimonials, bandwagons, etc.). Back when our kids were little we used to make a game out of spotting which group each ad fell into. Now that we can put some intelligence into our recording devices it shouldn't be too hard to set up a little display beside the TV that would analyze the commercials in real time and run a scrawl across the display telling you what group they belonged to. It would be a good learning tool for kids and adults who were too tired to think.
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Add GPS coordinates to advertisements for stores, warehouse sales, and tourist attractions so they're easier to locate.
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