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Airplane ideas

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They should the black box to the next level. Install tiny CCTV cameras that are connected to multi-channel digital video recorders in plane cockpits. The black box can store the hard drive for it. That way, if there's a crash they would have full recordings (audio and video) of an out-of-windscreen view, both the instruments and the crew, and even the passengers.
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Shock-Absorbent Seats

I don't need to feel the bounce.

A bumpy flight only adds to the stress for those of us who don't like to fly. If shock absorbers were added to the seats it might feel like you were floating through the turbulence instead of being roughed up by it. Since tray tables are connected to the seats in front of you it might also cut down on the number of spilled drinks (in my case, valium also works as a good shock absorber).
Shared by TRK (1,600 points)
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Hook That Plane

When brakes just aren't enough.

Granted, commercial planes are much heavier than the jets that land on aircraft carriers. That still doesn't mean they couldn't be stopped in an emergency by a series of tailhook cables. The idea for this invention would be to have the cables in channels running across the far end of runways. Sensors closer to the landing spot would quickly calculate whether a plane was going to be able to stop before it ran off the end of the runway. If it couldn't then the cables would pop up and snag new hooks built into the underside of commercial planes. The presence of these cables would also extend the point of no return (where pilots can safely abort a takeoff) because a new safety feature in the planes would also let the pilots raise the cables themselves in an emergency, increasing the amount of time they had to make their decision. If the cables were installed on shorter runways it would also increase the number of places that large planes could make emergency landings.

More points to consider:

1. Planes are probably already sending out some kind of beacon to air traffic control towers to let them know what's coming their way. This same beacon could be picked up by the sensors to calculate how much runway is required. As a backup plan, modern weighing stations for trucks are now set up so the trucks can be weighed while they keep moving right on over the scale. Something similar could be added to the runways. There would have to be more than one scale strip crossing the runway because we couldn't be sure exactly where the plane would touch down (I suppose we could have just one 20 - 30 feet away from the cables but that wouldn't leave us much response time).

2. The cables could be built to snap under a certain load so a series of them could be used to slow down and then stop the plane. Lots of little jolts instead of one big one.
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Airplane Drink Carts

Speed up the process.

While I was watching the stewardess ask each passenger what they wanted to drink last night and then stop to pop open a can based on their choice it occurred to me that it would be much faster if the cart had cannisters in it so drinks could be filled similar to the way they are at fast food restaurants. The cannisters would have to be smaller of course but that doesn't seem like it would be a huge obstacle.
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Rent out portable DVD players and movies to passengers in coach so they have more entertainment choices.
Shared by msolutions (140 points)
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There's unlimited potential for unarmed remote-controlled aircraft. You could setup stereoscopic vision on them by mounting cameras on the back and the front and on the tips of the wings. You could also integrate more sensing capabilities depending on the mission.
Shared by wearley26 (680 points)
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A babysitting service on airlines to give parents and the rest of the passengers a few welcome hours of relief on long-haul flights.
Shared by TakeFive (8,280 points)
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Provide small sets of binoculars for people in the window seats on flights.
Shared by Argo (2,640 points)
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Create a color-coded symbol system for liquid items to let travelers know if they are approved for carry-on or checked airline travel.
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Designate some airline flights as "no carry-on" to make for faster departures/arrivals. Less security issues.
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