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Taking vitamin E slows degeneration in Alzheimer's patients. Scientists are testing anti-inflammatory drugs and statins but they haven't been proven to help yet.
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False Memories Inc.

Help them remember you - tie the past to the present.

While we're waiting for a cure for Alzheimer's disease we may be able to use the fact that people who have it lose their most recent memories first and only gradually lose those further and further back in time. That's why old photos are give them a sense of comfort. The way we'd use this fact is by giving them false memories of those times back-in-the-day that included their more recent friends and family in them. It might take a little creativity to come up with a storyline that would make sense after an image of these people had been photoshopped into an old picture but it would be doable. In fact, part of the business plan could include paying people to come up with these stories.
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Attach a miniature GPS sensor to the medical bracelets worn by people with Alzheimer's so their carers can keep track of their whereabouts.
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