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Having your children paint pictures representing how they feel inside can really help them become artistic and express what they are experiencing. Whether it is of what happened at school or just a trip they took to the park depicting them in art is always a great idea. If an extra room is available fix it up to include things such as an easel, markers, crayons, paint brushes and other art accessories that they would enjoy. Having their own room to paint and draw really encourages them to maximize their creativity.
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If you have kids art is one of the best ways to stimulate their brains. A great idea to use art to get their minds flowing is to focus on something they enjoy. Maybe create their favorite cartoon characters with construction paper and crayons. You can do this on a small budget but still have a blast. Make it so they are very active and interested in order to make it fun.
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There are so many things around the house that can be livened up if kids put their artistic minds to it. Even toilets!


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Create personalized "couple vases" that represent the negative space made when they look at one another, face to face in profile. That would be cool.
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Seems like few museums are open at night. Why not have more open when you get out of work and want to take your date to one? They'd be great for dates if they serve drinks and refreshments and have new exhibits monthly. Great way to get more donations too..
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