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Baby ideas

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Saving Babies (car seat safety)


In Florida there's a serious problem that often comes up - someone leaves their child in a car seat while they go run an errand. With the windows closed the inside of the car rapidly heats up and the child dies. It would be nice if car seats came with a weight sensor, temperature gauge and alarm, all connected so that if the temperature rose above a certain point and the car seat detected a child in it then the alarm would sound (it would be nice if this came with an optional attachment that would hook onto the inside of a window - the idea being that if the alarm sounded for more than a few minutes it would blow a hole in the window).

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Toddler Tracking System


I was watching patients in a nursing home one day and heard an alarm go off when an old woman with Alzheimers walked outdoors. This made me wonder why we haven't come up with something similar for toddlers. All we'd need is an alarm we could clip onto the inside handle of every door that leads outside the house and a soft cuff we could attach around the child's ankle (with a childproof safety latch of course). That way if the child wandered outside, and we'd stupidly fallen asleep, the alarm would wake us up and we'd be able to go get them before they fell into a pool and drowned or stepped into the street and got run over. Think of it as house arrest for toddlers. A system like that would definitely have saved a few lives around here.

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Baby Purse

This would work like a crutch to prevent back aches.

There was an article in the paper the other day about how more and more parents are having back problems from carrying babies around. The increase seems to be mostly due to the fact that people are becoming parents at an older age now.  A baby purse would solve their problem.

The purse would have a plastic seat and canvas back, both held inside a plastic frame. The seat would rest on top of a telescoping pole. When not in use the pole would be collapsed, leaving the seat resting on 4 fold-out legs. When you were ready to use it you'd strap the baby in the seat, put your foot in a stirrup that was on the pole, pull the pole up to a comfortable height, and fold the legs back up under the seat. Then you'd just kick the stirrup up with your toe so it folded against the pole. This action would also release a brake that was locking a rubber wheel beneath the pole in place. A sling built into the back of the canvas seat would give you a comfortable place to rest your arm as you held your baby close to your side. The seat would be at a 90 degree angle to the wheel so it would face you as you rolled your baby along. Upper end models could have a small shock absorber between the seat and the pole so you could raise the seat a little higher than necessary and still keep the wheel on the ground. If stability was an issue the single wheel could always be reconfigured into a small 3- or 4-wheel platform. With a little more tinkering we could probably also change the design so it acted as both a purse and a conventional canvas stroller.
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Baby Train

Modular strollers.

I recently heard a story about a woman who has 3 kids aged 2, 1 and a couple of months old. She can't afford a three-seat stroller so her travel options are pretty limited. It seems like the cost of these strollers are high because the market for them is low. The invention of a modular stroller design should make things more affordable. The base unit would be a single stroller. Additional units could be hooked on as needed, sort of like a train, with the body of each being locked together and the wheels being free to roll the way shopping cart wheels do. This way manufacturers wouldn't have to go out on a limb when forecasting how many double and tripled strollers to make. They'd just make the base and a reasonable amount of add-ons. The parents would also get the added benefit of not having to buy a smaller stroller when one of the kids gets too big. They could just unhook the modules as they become unnecessary.
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Make special infant carriers out of nylon mesh. It would save time and conserve water if babies that can't stand up yet could shower with their parents.
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Open 24-hour walk-in baby clinics where parents can ask for any type of parenting advice, however trivial.
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