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Baby Shower ideas

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If you're not into the traditional baby shower games that require you to make a belt out of ribbons and bows, guess how big the expecting mom's belly is or eat baby food out of a diaper, consider doing something a little different. Have a scrapbooking themed shower; ask guests to bring scrapbooking materials, and every guest can create a page for the baby's first scrapbook. If sitting down with glue and scissors is too labor intensive, have a tie-dye shower. The hostess can provide the tie-dying inks, and each guest can bring a white onesie, a bib or a baby shirt to dye at the party. Similarly, the hostess can provide puff paints and fabric markers, and each guest can personalize a bib or a shirt.
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Nursery Rhyme Mad Libs.  Name the Baby Food.
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