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One-Armed ATM

Just a little bit more convenient.

Drive-thru ATM machines are usually built at just the right height for my vehicle, which is a truck. While I was waiting in line watching people in the cars ahead of me trying to reach up and hit the right buttons and read a screen that was at the wrong angle for them it occurred to me that a flexible arm you could pull into your car would be a lot easier for everyone to use.

This new arm would be rectangular in shape and slightly larger than the largest form of paper currency in whatever country the ATM was in. On the end of if would be a small touchpad and screen similar to the credit card interfaces most stores have now. If something like this existed then people could just pull it into their car, make their transaction and push it back out again. To keep it from getting in the next guy's way a timer would count down from the time the ATM card was removed and automatically pull the arm back to its ready position after 10-15 seconds and refill the touchpad with the maximum amount of cash a person could withdraw during any single stop. (Of course there would also have to be a security feature inside the arm that would sound an alarm if someone tried to saw the arm off and drive away with the cash)
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To prevent bribes, banks should secretly, randomly assign applications to loan officers. For big loans assign multiple officers. Reward officers for loans that are repaid and punish them for defaulted loans. This would cut down on corrupt lending.
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Store their iris scan in a database when a customer opens a bank account. Then no more cards at the ATM, just an iris scan to access their account.
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