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I'd like to inform you about my website: ‘Amazing Inventions & Business Ideas for Sale’ (An Exclusive –Trustworthy Website Where You Can Buy –Business Ideas, Formulas and Intellectual Properties). In this website, there some of my innovative business ideas have been demonstrated.  A few mentionable innovations are:

1. An excellent nutritious food/drink for all

2. An alcoholic beverage (Beer/Wine/Spirit/Whisky/Rum/Vodka, etc.) can be less harmful and safe for liver.

3. MahaVad: An excellent book for self-knowledge & self-development...

4. Old Age Friend!

5. MahaPathy: A super-excellent system of medicine

and many more...

I hope it will be of your interest. Thank you. Please visit

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Interesting stuff you're developing. How do you see the NRG drink being more effective in solving the problem of malnutrition in third world countries than the present solutions out there?

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An Excellent Nutritious Food/Drink for All

We have made an excellent nutritious food/drink to make successful the program– ‘Nutrients for All’. It is cheap and easily digestible. It is eatable and drinkable like ‘Horlicks’.


Nutrition is the one of the main problem of the world. There the big problem is malnutrition. A recent survey exposed that anaemia rates of 51-74% in women and small children. Children under three, 47% were underweight and 45% underdeveloped by global standards. Protein deficiency is one of main causes.


We need to provide such a food/drink which is cheap and easily digestible. To solve the problem to make successful the program– ‘Nutrients for all, we have made an excellent nutritious food/drink. The name of this nutritious food/drink is NRG 3x.

Everyone cannot able to be nourished by taking only enough nutritious food/drink. For right nutrition, there must have to be the capability of absorbing the nutritious food. ‘NRG’ isn’t only an ordinary nutritious food/drink, it is easily absorbable in our body and also it increases the absorbability of our body.


Ingredients of this food/drink: Flour made of roasted wheat, maize, gram, soya bin, and milk powder, sugar etc. Besides these, it is enriched with a few effective and time tested alternative medicines.  No doubt, if one takes it regularly for three months, amazing result will be seen. We have provided our product to many persons and children for free of cost and get very nice result. Still we haven’t put up it for trade as commercially.


It is first time; one food/drink (NRG 3x) is enriched with such essential things, which are used as Homeopathic medicines to make up the deficiency of cell materials. Moreover, a few herbs are included in this food/drink, which are very helpful for our nourishment system and digestive system.

In spite of taking nutritious food/drink –every body cannot be nourished for inability –weakness of their body-system.  It is one of the main causes of lack of nourishment. In this case, ‘NRG’ is able to solve the problem and helps to be nourished everybody, if there is no fatal/chronic/severe disease.  


It has a Big Market all over World


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