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There are a number of aggregrators of job listings from different sites. Why not create a master site where you could search for ideas from a number of idea banks at once? It shouldn't be too hard to map similar categories from the various sites together. The question is how difficult it would be to crawl them all and display them in a consistent format. Most job sites use similar parameters for each posting. How much would the characteristics of each idea on the sites differ? -- Longshot9999
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A new online course colleges could offer.

This course would be based on impractical or impossible ideas that tend to get repeated way too often on 'new idea' web sites like this one, HalfBakery, CreativityPool and WhyNot. The help file on the HalfBakery lists some that could be used for starters - "perpetuum mobiles, cloned fingerprints, and inhaling helium to make you fly."  It wouldn't be hard to find enough material to fill out a course. The benefit would be obvious. In addition to cutting down some of the clutter on these sites it would free up creative people who happen to be hung up on one particular impossible idea (waiting for their genius to be recognized) to get past that idea and move on to others that might be more plausible. Unlike Physics 101, this course would be designed for people who are majoring in other fields and just happen to have ideas that relate to physics, engineering, and the like.
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