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Bridal Shower ideas

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This is a time for the female friends and family of the bride to present her with gifts. Unlike a bachelorette party, it is not focused on drinking and having a good night out on the town. Instead, it is usually held during the day. Dainty appetizers may be served and the wildest drink is a mimosa. But that does not mean that it has to be boring!

One fun way to spice up the bridal shower is to turn it into a roast. Have the guests tell horrible stories about the bride's dating life that led her to her husband. Maybe the guests even played some role in the misery. While this can definitely make things more interesting, just make sure it is the right crowd. Not all families appreciate this type of humor.
Incorporate some games into the mix. A favorite involves oven mitts and pantyhose. Each participant wears potholders while they try to put on a pair of pantyhose. The first one to succeed wins a prize. There are also ice breaker games you can choose from if you have a wide variety of guests. Maybe even include the groom and his close friends there as well. Imagine the games you could incorporate with a mix of the sexes there to celebrate!
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