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At Google 20% of employees' time can be spent on projects other than their main job. Google is one of the most successful companies of all-time. That is obviously one of the keys to their success. Why aren't more companies empowering their employees this way, getting them thinking more creatively? More businesses should put processes in place to allow their people to innovate and push fresh new ideas that will enable the company to reach new markets and work more efficiently. It's a no-brainer. Corporations need to stop being so lazy and bureaucratic, clinging to the old ways of doing business.

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Best Practice

Success through anecdotes.

This would be a simple web site broken into sections based on business areas. It would contain anecdotes about problems people have run into and the solutions they came up with to make people's jobs easier.

Example: A plant supervisor was taking me through the plant while an inventory was being taken. We stopped at a group of pallets that had single-sheet, preprinted forms on them stacked about 4 feet high. The person doing the inventory was walking a 12 inch piece of pvc pipe up the stack to find out how high the stack was in inches so she could then multiply the number of inches x sheets per inch and get a somewhat accurate count of how many sheets were on the pallet. I suggested she could significantly cut down the amount of time she spent counting this inventory simply by getting a bigger piece of PVC pipe and marking it off in 12 inch increments. If it was at least as tall as the highest stack she'd get her inches in one step (ignore the fact that a tape measure would do the same thing much more accurately). Kind of like Dilbert with a clue for the clueless.  It might be interesting to skim through a website like this to see if there were any easy answers to problems you hadn't thought of yet.
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Doing small chores for others can lead to big bucks. Consider not just mowing lawns, but changing light bulbs, cleaning dog messes from yards, washing windows, and a multitude of other tasks that many do not have the time to carry out on their own. Print off flyers, advertise in free online news services, and create a social networking page to let the community know of the services offered. Even going door-to-door in safe neighborhoods can create a regular customer base.
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If you are considering going into business you must first decide if you have the self-discipline and financing to do so. Starting a restaurant is one of the more traditional business ventures but it carries a very high failure rate due to market saturation. If you enjoy working with food a bakery may be a great alternative to fast food depending on the area you live in. If you live in a city where people don't have a lot of time to make baked goods this may be a great opportunity. On the other hand, if you are good with electronics you might consider starting a repair shop for computers and other equipment.
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Arrange zoo tours at night so visitors can see the animals that sleep during the day.
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Baby Doll: A service where parents submit baby photos and get a doll that looks like their baby.
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Screw CD's! Go retro. How about some peeps that'll take your favorite songs and burn them onto vinyl?
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Receive receipts for your purchases at stores or restaurants to your cell via SMS/MMS. Main benefit is environmental and also for safe-keeping. Less likely to be lost or destroyed.
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Use chocolate bars covered like your business card for special events.Cover the bars in special paper that tells of an upcoming event i.e bridal or baby showers.
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Yes this is a awesome idea regarding the business.
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Attract customers with the pitch that if they have to wait on hold more than X minutes calling customer service they'll get a X discount on their next bill.
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Sell movie soundtracks at the theater after the movie ends.
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Why not allow people to reserve spaces in parking garages by paying by credit card over the phone? Especially when parking is going to be really tight. They can be billed as if they pulled into the garage the moment they made the reservation. For someone running late for a meeting in an area where the garages fill up quickly, it may very well be worth the additional charge to know there is a spot waiting.
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Ripoff alert! Internet should be 5 cents a minute, not 30 at places like FedEx Office. Probably costs them less than 1 cent a minute. Give me a f'in break!
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3d panels made from plaster production. Is it profitable?

I'm thinking about launching 3D panels production business. It seems to me it's a very prifitable one. The difference between cost of plaster and finished product is huge. Income level reaches 300-500%. I saw in internet Formako company, which has molds made from plastic and polyurethane. It would be interesting to contact with manufacturer. I want to try to order molds from Russia and set up my own production of panels. What do you think about that idea? I've got small work experience with plaster (made some figures). And also these panels are rather huge, that might cause shippment problems. how do you think, is it possible to send such panels to different cities? I would appreciate you to share your feelings about that.

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Great questions Novak. That sounds like a huge opportunity but it must take a helluva investment. Make sure you know the market before jumping in with both feet. I would get some advice from the small business experts and mentors at or You can also ask for business advice at Good luck!
You're telling that it takes a lot of investments. I personally liked that idea, because investmens are really small. and market is not covered at all. I mean empty. Also, demand can always be created.
Look at those!
Such a beautiful design! Don't you like those? I think I'll risk and place an order for several molds.
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How to improve time tracking software?

I’m the CEO of small development team. We create automatic time tracking software, called TimeCamp ( Mainly for small and medium companies.

For the past few years we have worked hard to create product that our customers will LOVE. As every company we had our ups and downs.

Today I wanted to share my struggles with you, which taught us a lot and helped us to be where we are right now.

How to survive and thrive
Self persistence is a word. This word became my mantra. Mantra to fight for the better future. My future and future of people who can benefit from the work we are doing.
We struggled. I will tell you how we struggled and you will see between lines how self persistence has an important role to play.

Struggle #1

When I started the project, the curve of enthusiasm quickly lowered. When we delivered first version of our productivity self monitoring software to people, pretty much nothing happened.

How we survived this struggle?

We focused  more on companies rather that on individuals. We got bigger investment so I could hire great sales rep. that started doing MAGIC. Customers started to appear one by one. But, there were struggles as well. It took us half year till we found scalable way to sell our product to customers.
Struggle #2

When one method of selling with direct sales hit the wall, we struggled. The competition was huge. We didn’t know how to get on growing track again. And we did it with trial & error. Then we decided. It was time for new features. We developed timesheets and automatic time tracking which was really something revolutionary. Thanks to investment in SEO and integrations we started seeing new smaller customers from all around the world!

Struggle #3

We hit a wall in growth rate and churn rate. We are fighting to win this. We need new developers, new sales rep. But new things are coming. But this is still in front of us. I will write another post when we will win this battle.

I'm concious of competition.

If you wish to see what TimeCamp is, check our website at you can create 30-days free trial. I would REALLY appreciate any feedback. We want to learn new things, turn our attention to what really matters to our users and deliver the best solutions possible!

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I hate greedy corporations. The companies making these cheap lighters that never work right while lasting only a week should be making higher-quality lighters while making less in profits.
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Dollar Tree should sell dollar cigars and dollar vodka/whiskey bottles. I can't believe they don't. All dollar stores should sell alcohol.
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