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A grocery store in every community where all you have to do is go to a website and enter your shopping list. Then all you have to do is go pick it up. Why isn't there something like this everywhere!?!  No brainer. Save tons of time shopping and the store would save tons of space and costs.

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The Psychopathic Hotline

Since psychopaths are better at solving problems, according to a UK study done at one of the toughest pyschiatric hospitals, due to their extreme rationalism and lack of emotion, customers could pay for violence-free solutions to common problems. Only half joking. Might just work!
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Helping people save money is always a job that is needed but what is a new, innovative way to do that? An emerging trend the business world is experiencing is the rise of people becoming energy efficiency consultants.

The way it works is you contact businesses who are looking to save money any way they can. You let them know that you can help them save money on their energy bill by optimizing their current system. There are many ways that you can do this, such as shopping energy companies in the area, switching to more efficient lighting and lowering the temperatures in the office. People love saving money and most consultants get paid only when they can save the business money. Give it a thought if you're looking to go into business for yourself.
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Try posting it to you can find a developer who will work for equity and it is completely free and protected by non-disclosures and statements of work to guarantee the work is done.
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That'd be so cool if you could enter the license plate of a car you like on a website, make an offer on it and they'd contact the owner to try to broker a deal. Phone, email, mail or whatever. Site takes a cut. No-brainer! Why hasn't this been done before? Someone could've made this happen if they put their mind to it.
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Dog day care centers in every city so owners can have their dogs looked after while they work or shop.
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A biz that rents out your car to other peeps for you for a while. Great for when you're gone on vacation. Monetize those wheels and have hundreds of bucks waiting for you when you get home.
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3d panels made from plaster production.

It seems to me it's a very profitable one. The difference between cost of plaster and finished product is huge. Income level reaches 300-500%. I saw in internet company, which has molds made from plastic and polyurethane.

So here we’ve got a bag of plaster which can be bought with 17-19$. Mixing plaster with water and spilling it on the molds, we will get a beautiful 3D wall panel. Depending on thickness, one bag of plaster produces 4-5 panels. average cost of each is 27-29$. Summarizing all afore-named, for every 18$ spent on the material, total profit accounts for 100$. (400% profit, excluding stuff and rent investments).
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Great idea! Sounds like a plan!
I've been working with plaster for several years. So it seems to me that's a very promising business! seems as a very good company, who knows its business. I will defenatly order a couple of them. I'm sure it's company's trustworthy as I can see their huge investments flows. So yeach I'm in it. Tnx for an idea!!!
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Turn ATM fees on their head. Instead of ATM's charging fees why not make some that pay you a little when you use them? Put them in small convenience stores as an incentive to use them over their competitors. Also could have them show ads or put coupons on the back of receipts.
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