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Camping ideas

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Personal Bug Zapper

Although it can be fun to listen to mosquitos getting zapped by a stationary bug zapper, this isn't always the most convenient device to have around. I'd like to see the invention of a pair of gloves which had fingertips emitting CO2 and glowing purple to attract the bugs. That way when I'm out camping I could hold my hand above my head and let them zap away. Might make midnight trips to the latrine a little more comfortable.
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River Generators for Canoe Trips

Towards more comfortable camping.

The river generator would be a set paddlewheels inside small floats that would be kept in place by the anchor you dropped when deploying them. The floats would be kept separated by telescoping bars to keep them spaced in such a way that each one downstream from the lead float could take advantage of the wake created by those that were upstream. A waterproof extension cable from the floats to the campsite would provide some measure of electricity (maybe enough to recharge some of the other devices you've brought along).
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Survival Made Easy

The Iridium satellite system, which was created so remote phone calls could be made from anywhere on the planet, missed a sizable niche market. Digital cameras and camcorders could have been linked to the satellites so pictures could be instantly sent to home computers as e-mail attachments. This would have eliminated the need to worry about size restrictions when designing the cameras and relieve users of the burden of keeping track of whatever recording media they're using. It would have also given people an unlimited amount of filming time.

That's just the start of what they could have done though. Imagine a service where you could take a picture of some plants, wait a minute, and then get back an overlay on top of the picture showing which plants were edible and which were poisonous. The original picture would have been transmitted to a central site for processing via the satellites and the overlay sent back the same way. (If enough local processing power ever becomes available the camera itself could figure out what you were looking at.) Anyone who had one of these cameras would have a much better chance of surviving in the wilderness, making them the ideal choice for campers, survivalists, and the military.

The chances of survival could be increased even further by adding a GPS to the camera. A picture of the area could be sent to you on request, giving you some idea how to make your way back to civilization. If you couldn't move from there due to injuries, you could request a picture of edible plants in the area (in case you didn't want to just randomly take pictures until you found some) and then confirm that they're edible by taking a picture of whatever comes closest to the suggested plants. (Suggested sources of water could also be downloaded to your camera.)

Note: This device could also help with diagnosis of illnesses which might compromise your survival ability. For example, you could send a photo of your wound/sore/rash etc along with a sound-clip of your screams of pain and be sent back information about mitigating symptoms using local plant materials and how to prepare them.
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Create an app that uses the phone's camera to scan any insect so you know whether it's poisonous and you need to freak out if it bites you.
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Slacklining is da shit. Great way to kick back and have fun as a family. 

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