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Hubcap Feedback

When waiting at a light beside some guy who wants to share his music with you whether you like it or not, the only recourse we have now is to either turn our own radio up higher, resulting in a musical battle, or shut the windows and hope his music can't make it through them. All-weather hubcap speakers would give us a third solution. They'd be designed so that as the musical volume coming from a car beside you increased, the distance between a microphone and amplifier on this hubcap device decreased. The closer they got together, the greater the screeching feedback. Since the speakers would be facing away from you, the other driver would bear the brunt of this screeching. If he or she turned up their radio to overcome the noise they'd only succeed in making the screeching louder. The only thing that would turn it off would be them lowering the volume on their radio below the level that the new device deemed acceptable (local noise ordinances might set the guidelines here). Since each hubcap would only react to the car on the offending side, cars on your other side wouldn't be affected.
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Recycled Windshield Washer Fluid

I hate refilling the damn thing.

It seems like we should be able to devise some way of capturing the fluid that's sprayed on the windshield so it can be reused instead of just letting drip to the ground. I'm thinking of a collection channel running along the bottom of the windshield that would funnel the water into a cylinder. The cylinder would spin while the wipers were on, forcing the water through filters to get all of the gunk out and then feeding it back into the reservoir. Whenever it was raining and the system determined you weren't using the cleaning fluid it would spin the collected rainwater back and forth to clean the filters and then open a hatch so it could just fall to the ground beneath the car. This would give us a self-cleaning system that rarely had to be refilled (a plus on the ecological side).
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I'd Rather Not Crash

Our company's new parking garage lacks empathy.

Once upon a time our company had a good parking garage. That was way back about two weeks ago. In order to make room for another building they tore that one down and put up a brand new one that must have been designed more to park pedestrians than to park cars. Each space has less than a foot of clearance on either side, every possible spot was given a space (including the ramps themselves right up to the edge of the 180 degree turn you have to make to continue going up the ramps), and there's almost not enough room on the ramps for two cars to pass going in opposite directions. In short, there's going to be a hell of a lot of accidents in this thing.

One fix they could make retroactively would take care of the situation where the drivers of small cars parked between big SUVs have to hope the gods are with them when they blindly back out of their spot and onto the ramp. All the company has to do is add 3 rows of lights, one on each side of the ramps and one running down the center of the ceiling. As cars went up or down the ramps sensors would turn on the lights several feet in front of them, marching ahead to warn other drivers that the gods would like them to wait an extra minute before exiting.
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Periscope for the lazy

Being tall it's usually a pain to be the first car in line at a red light. I keep having to flip up the visor to watch for the light to change (or bend down to look under the visor). It would be nice to have a little clip-on periscope I could attach to the visor that would point up towards the light so I could see when it moved without any effort on my part.

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When you turn off the engine the headlights on all cars should turn off automatically with the engine. Some cars do this like the Camry. It keeps the driver from draining the battery when they forget to turn them off. If they want to use the lights with the engine off they could manually turn them on again.
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Use reflective paint for your car (the same kind they use to make road signs glow at night). That'd be damn cool.
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It's a pain in the ass wondering what side of the car the gas tank is on, especially with rentals, so could standardize it...
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