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Instead of shelling out hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars on a caterer at your next event, try a catering solution that involves less expense and more collaboration. Most guests would be more than happy to have some input in your party. Ask guests to bring an appetizer or a dessert for a huge spread of unique treats. If you don't want to have your guests do all the work, bring in a casual caterer like a hot dog trolley or a barbecue service.
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I once thought it would be neat to offer home cooked meals delivered to your home. The idea is to plan a week's worth of meals for a family, go grocery shopping and then cook that meal for the family that day at either the person's home or at a commercial kitchen (for health code reasons) and deliver it to their home. It would be different than a restaurant because the family could choose which family recipes to use and know that the meal wasn't mass produced.
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Most stores that cater to chefs allow the public to shop there as well.  You'd be surprised at how many of the 'treats' you get at a fancy party came out of the freezer section of your local store in boxes of 100.  Much cheaper than hiring someone to do it for you!  And most of them actually have party planning software, brochures and even people to assist you in determining quantities.  You can cut your costs by as much as two thirds.
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