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Why is the music they play in grocery stores always so boring? Feel like they're turning us into zombies. Someone needs to start a cool new chain playing rock and hip hop all the time.
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Why not an insult line? Call it 1-800-ASSHOLE Dial it when you want to be insulted or hear funny jokes.
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There's nothing like being your own boss. With the economy being hit hard and recovery at a slow pace, one way to make some extra money is by buying and selling items that interest you. Some people just jump into the auction hunting business and learn the business on the fly, knowing they will learn as they go.

Here is how it works. When people die and leave an estate or if they rent a storage unit and don't pay their bills the owners of the estate or business will hold an auction to liquidate the merchandise. There are often thousands of items up for sale at large auctions so it is easy to buy some merchandise to flip at a later date. Usually people like to focus on one area to look for at auctions or in storage units, such as furniture, when starting out. Once you get your feet wet and learn the business you can branch into other areas without losing money. Become a Storage Warrior yourself!

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A place were teens can practice driving and hang out before their drivers license tests. Fun simulations and different scenarios to get them ready to pass the exam.
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Clothes Club: Girls would pay to go to a dressing room with 5 outfits in it. They'd have to choose one and then strip down and trade what they were wearing for one of those outfits. Then afterwards they could go chill in the next room and talk about their new outfits with other girls who just made trades too. Lots of other possibilities for clothes exchange businesses too.
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Restaurants and bars that promise speedy service and to guarantee that they give larger discounts on your bill the longer they take to serve your food and drinks!
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Start a company that manufactures classic cars to order but with modern engines and specifications.
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I'm sure they have laundrobars - combo laundromats and bars - but why the hell don't they have them where I live? Duh. That would be a great place to flirt - while folding laundry. They punk'n us in my lame ass town.
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