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End of the World Calendar (Past and Future)

A novelty everyone can appreciate... This would simply be a calendar showing all of the dates in the past that the world was supposed to end and all of the dates in the future when it's still supposed to end so you could prepare accordingly. wink  Each date in the past would have a brief description of the reason it was supposed to end and what happened to the believers if it's known (like the group in France a long time ago that thought it would end in a flood and built themselves a boat to escape only to have the boat flip over, causing them to drown). Each date in the future would have a brief explanation of why it was supposed to end (example: 12/21/2012 would be on the calendar because that's when the Mayans thought the world would end).

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If you love to help out with food drives or other charity events, how about helping out at your child's school in order to raise money for extracurricular activities? If so, you want to take a look at getting into the book/media drive business as it is not only rewarding but it can make a great business.

First, you need to register the business as a charitable organization. Then, you go around to all the local schools and businesses to see if they will collect books, CDs and DVDs for you. When you gather your donations, you need to comb through them to see what is sellable and what you can just donate to local libraries. Once you have all of your merchandise sorted, you sell your media on sites like Amazon or eBay and then give a large portion of the profits to the charities. Schools love it because they get a lot of money from it with little effort.
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