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Stores looking to get more foot traffic might want to try out the Whispering Window technology. Two tiny speakers disappear into the bottom of a store's window to play advertising messages as prospective customers walk by. They can also be embedded in drywall and wooden floors. They've apparently been proven to raise sales up to 40% at places like Gap, Sunglass Hut and Calvin Klein. At the right volume these just might pique some people's curiosity.

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No matter what business you are in, you need your customers to return in the future for purchases. The more you get customers to come back to you the more you can ramp up your advertising. How can you get people to keep coming back without having to shell out money to keep marketing to them?

A rewards program for your business gives buyers a great reason to return. People love to get rewards for simply buying something they would have bought, so why not make them feel special? If you own a sub shop, give them a rewards card where after every 10 subs they get one free. If you own a retail store set up a rewards card where, for every $100 they spend, they get a coupon for $10 off. Make people want to work towards the rewards that you have. It will keep them happy and coming back and that means more money in your pocket!
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All that wasted blank space on the back of the paper in fortune cookies... The makers should sell that space to companies and make them into coupons and have them serve as coupons too.
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Attach projectors outside planes of budget airlines to project advertising onto the sky, clouds, the wings, or windows, etc. to make their rock-bottom prices even lower.
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