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Free online courses taught by the best professors in the world? Seems unbelievable but that's what Sebastian Thrun, a Google Fellow who helped make self-driving cars a reality, is creating. Udacity is currently offering free courses on subjects like Beginning Physics, Software Testing and Applied Cryptography (currently geared towards technology-based subjects) but they have their sights set on all subjects.

Instead of watching boring lectures his vision is to have you take constant mini-quizzes to reinforce the material as you're watching the presentation. There's a lot of humor mixed in too. The emphasis is more on visual aids and the teacher writing points on a screen displayed on the computer rather than just fixating on the lecturer. After passing the quizzes and projects you can pay about $100 to get a certificate or you can just take the knowledge at no charge. They also currently offer to distribute your resume for free to 20 companies after you pass a class. This idea could really disrupt the distance learning industry.

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Hold idea contests in schools for kids. Teachers can divide up kids into brainstorming teams to compete against other teams. The teams that comes up with the best ideas and the most ideas win (separate prizes for each category). The other students can judge the best ones to decide the winners. Great way to ecourage more creative thinking outside the box.
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It can really help students learn probability and statistics when teachers use real-life examples. Ones from the news like lotteries, polls, insurance, scientific studies, and the risks relative to one activity vs. another (like living near a nuclear plant vs. a coal power plant). Makes it come alive for them.
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Jigsawing... When students need to learn by small group work pair up groups that understand the material with those that don't. The former can teach the concepts to the latter.
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A lecture-sharing site for college professors so they can save time reusing each other's instead of spending time always writing their own. Pittsburgh has a version of this in action right now.

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Integrate performing and visual arts into the school curriculum more. Pair Speech with Drama, English with Playwrighting/Drama, etc. Grants are available for this type of thing.
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When teaching science you can explain the exon splicing of genes using the analogy of film editing. The gene's DNA is like the action of a movie and the RNA is like the filmed portion. The mRNA is like the spliced and edited film while the protein is essentially the videos or final prints.
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Students can remember the 9 planets better with the mnemonic "My Very Educated Mother Just Showed Us Nine Planets." 1st letter of each is the 1st letter of each planet.
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Introduce "family time" as homework every 2 weeks at school where students do a task of their choice with their family like going to the movies and report back on how it went.
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