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Credit Card ideas

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You can help protect yourself from theft by leaving the activation stickers on your credit cards after you activate them.  If a thief steals your wallet or purse they'll most likely ignore cards that still have the sticker on them thinking they're not usable.
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Make it so a credit card works only when your thumb is on it. Put a device on a cc or access/ID card for thumb print activation.
Shared by Rocket (140 points)
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One credit card that would have a number of magnetic strips (and chips integrated) for all of your accounts. Then you don't have to carry all those stupid cards. Better ito have the fingerprints of the cardholder be used to activate it.
Shared by rao b (620 points)
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In Europe they put your photo on your credit card. Why not the same in the US to cut down on fraud?
Shared by loseyourmarbles (520 points)
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Credit reporting agencies and credit card companies obviously often handle customers' credit info negligently. Right now the norm is to get your info wrong so they should be held criminally responsible for it.
Shared by Hamasaurus68 (220 points)
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A special universal credit card that could be used for lots of different store reward points/memberships so you don't have to carry a bunch of junk cards.
Shared by May18 (340 points)
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Here's an invention for ya. Why the hell can't we swipe our credit cards in the machines facing either side? How much time is wasted when we have to figure out the right to swipe it? Come on people.
Shared by TakeFive (8,280 points)

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