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Dessert ideas

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For a great dessert make some homemade brownies. Ingredients are extremely inexpensive and you can make your dessert in no time at all. You can add whip cream if you like. Feel free to add your favorite flavor ice cream on top. You can add almost any flavor you like, especially chocolate, vanilla, coffee, mint chocolate chip, and cookies and cream. For less fat you can replace a half cup of oil and two eggs in the brownie recipe with a half cup fat-free yogurt.
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Slice 20 dates, 10g almonds, and grind 4 cardamoms for a simple dessert. Add 200g sugar and boil 1/2 liter milk, the almonds and dates until it's all thickened. Right before you take it off the heat add the cardamom powder. Serve it cold with cherry and raisin dressing.
Shared by Soumidutta (440 points)
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Just cut a melon or mango in half with a scoop of ice cream in between and you've got a simple dessert in no time!
Shared by orcalover (220 points)
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Mango Milkshake

Squeeze the juice from mangos and add the same amount of milk with some sugar and mix them together. You can also add a pinch of crushed cardamum.
Shared by s_rama (260 points)

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