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Dieting ideas

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Some small but simple tips to cut calories.

  • When eating a hamburger, pull off the top bun and remove a plug from the center of it.  These are calories you will not miss at all.
  • When eating a sandwich, carefully remove the brown crust from the edges.  You'll see you have a small plate full of calories you won't miss.
  • When scrambling eggs, remove the yolk from half your eggs before cooking. You may want to add a few extra eggs (yolks removed) to make up for the difference in serving number.  Your family will never know about the missing yolks.
  • Most labels give fat or calorie content for one tablespoon.  Use a teaspoon and spread really well.  This will cut your calories to 1/3.
  • For cooking and baking, use powdered milk.  No fat grams!  And the taste isn't noticeably different.  I don't pre-mix.  I just pour in some dry powdered milk with the dry ingredients. 
  • Different brands of food bought at the store have different amounts of calories, fat grams, carbs, etc.  Say for bread, check your label and the buy the bread with the least amount of these.  Works for canned goods, luncheon meats, and packaged foods, too.
  • When the bun is longer than the hot dog, break off the excess bun on both ends.

These do not seem like much, but at the end of a year you'd be amazed at the number of calories you have actually cut by following these simple tips.

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Tips on cutting carbs and controlling sugar intake on a low-carb diet for diabetes:

  • If you want to eat something sweet, eat something high in protein first and immediately after, eat the sweet.  The protein will immensely slow down the sugar getting into your bloodstream.  Your blood sugar will only rise a little and possibly not at all.  This was a tip from my physician.
  • Buy sugar-free snacks such as puddings and jellos, but always look at the carb content.  Some sugar-free puddings may have 14 carbs whereas others may have only 4.
  • Snack suggestions: cottage cheese with fruit mixed in it, low-carb or sugar-free jello or pudding, potted meat, or vienna sausage.  
  • Buy fruit packed in water.
  • Most restaurants are familiar with the low carb diet and won't think you are nuts if you order a Big Mac, chicken sandwich or whatever with no bun.  They'll even give you a fork to eat it with.
  • Go online and check out the menus of your local resaurants.  Make a list of the food each serves that have the lowest carbs.  When you are out shopping or running errands and decide to stop in for a bite to eat, you can look at your list and quickly decide which restaurant to go to and what foods they have that will fit in with your low carb diet.
  • Drink 3 quarts of water a day.  Sounds like a lot, but you'll learn it quenches your thirst better than any other beverage, it lowers your blood sugar and also breaks up fat.
  • I discovered a wonderful product for yogurt lovers like me!  It has the taste and texture of real yogurt but the container says "Dairy blend."  Kroger is the only store I've found them in, located with the yogurt.  At my local Kroger, they are 5 for $2 and come in many, many delicious flavors.  They are very low in carbs and are called "Carb Master."
Shared by Robin (1,060 points)
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