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Disaster Relief ideas

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Identifying the Diehards

There are always people who won't evacuate.

It cost a lot of money to identify the bodies left in Hurricane Katrina's wake. I wonder if it would be more cost-effective in the future to issue everyone who's in harms way the same kind of wristband they put on hospital patients. As an incentive the government could offer to buy back any that were still on people's wrists after the emergency for 20 bucks or so. These wristbands could also help identify children who got separated from their parents in the rush out of town and who are too young to let anyone know who their family is.

As an offshoot to this idea, if RFID chips were embedded in the wristbands it would make it easier to find the bodies of those who stayed behind and were killed.
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One of the people trying to help families get back together after a hurricane recently pointed out on the news that people were mistaken if they thought all of the missing children databases were connected. Just because you put a picture of a child on the Red Cross web site doesn't mean it will be pushed to all of the other databases.

Google, Bing and Yahoo have image search. All they have to do is publish a naming convention for photos. Something like "Disaster - Katrina - Male - Caucasion - Current Location - Name." That way when it screen scrapes the web it will pick up all of the available pictures from unconnected databases and put them on one site for searching.
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Some thoughts looking back at Hurricane Katrina.

It's been said that a lot of the poor couldn't be evacuated ahead of time because they lacked transportation. If it's one thing New Orleans has, it's plenty of barges. There's no reason they couldn't have strung the usual 10 - 15 together, loaded several thousand people on them, and had a tugboat push them upriver the way tugboats usually do. That could have gotten them out of harm's way easily enough.

The drivers of trucks bringing in aid should have been given the same instructions ambulance drivers are given - if you see an emergency situation on your way to the emergency you're being sent to, pass the first emergency and keep going to your original destination. If they're told to just stop and help whoever they come across that needs some help then people at the center of a disaster area will always be the last to get help - the aid sent to them will be diverted by side emergencies.

The head of the disaster agency, FEMA in this case, should be helicoptered to the center of the disaster and have his or base of operations set up there (despite communication issues). If they know they won't be able to leave until everyone who needs help there has been helped, it might speed up the flow of assistance.
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Make large Lego-type blocks that can be shipped to disaster zones and filled with mud, sand and rubble to make quick shelters.
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