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Emergency Preparedness ideas

Requested in Society & Politics by Dreamer (8,430 points)
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When an emergency strikes it's important that the whole family know how to respond. This includes the children. A fun way to teach them what's needed during this time is to make a game out of it. A good way to start is to have a scavenger hunt.

Give the children their own lists of supplies to find. They should include items like flashlights, food, and first aid supplies. Keep shoes and a change of clothes near the windows. Even children under 12 can get involved in the hunt with the help of a parent or older sibling. Put a limit on the time it should take to find their items. Set up a small reward for the first person or team to finish. If rounding up the emergency supplies is fun it will teach all members of the household to quickly (and accurately) find everything if the need arises.

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Bunk Cots

Conserve valuable floor space.

When looking at the pictures of the Superdome and Astrodome being used for hurricane shelters it occurred to me that a lot of space was being wasted simply because cots only had one level. Stacking them 2 - 3 high would create a stability problem if you did it bunk bed style, but if they were designed as fold-outs in an A-frame shape (2 cots on the lower level for each 1 above it) stability wouldn't be an issue and we could fit a lot more people into the limited amount of space that's available. I'm not sure how high we could go but if the fold-outs could be attached (somewhat like a cheerleader pyramid), we could squeeze in quite a few more without losing any open floor space.
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Bus Booties

For emergency evacuations.

They already make adapters for trucks so inspectors can drive down railroad tracks.  It shouldn't be too hard to design a pair of clip-on booties for buses so they could ferry evacuees a safe distance away from whatever city is being evacuated.  A pair of clip-ons would be put on the tracks, the bus would drive up onto them, the ends would be flipped up to snap onto the tires (somewhat like snow chains do), hydraulics would raise the bus enough for its tires to clear the tracks, and off it would go. Several convoys could be run during a 24 hour period, giving people a way out of town that wasn't clogged with traffic.

Of course, it might even be more sensible to park a couple of freight trains in the city when an evacuation seems imminent.  Several thousand people could be easily loaded onto the trains and driven out of town that way once the order came to evacuate, and it wouldn't take hundreds of bus drivers to do it. But that might make too much sense.
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Services that send warnings of hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons, tsunamis, etc. by text. That way if you're not listening to the radio or watching TV at the time you'll still get the alert.
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Have volunteers build storage areas where the rain is channeled in through different routes. That would help prevent floods. If water isn't where you want it to be it doesn't do any good.
Shared by Deligirl (420 points)
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In Haiti, a major cause of death and flood damage in Haiti is the result of deforestation in an effort to provide the overpopulated country with more heating fuel. If they would focus on controlling population growth to what's sustainable it'd reduce these problems that are plaguing the country.
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Unless you conduct an actual test emergency plans are useless. Test national plans for dealing with pandemic outbreaks in the largest setting possible. Use statistics from past disasters to estimate the percentage of first responders who will abandon their posts.
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In Malaysia the Petronas twin towers (the world's tallest office building) is designed with a flexible bridge joining the towers to distribute and reduce fatal earthquake stress. All skyscrapers should be designed like this to survive earthquakes.
Shared by adnan_baker (140 points)
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Build disaster rescue rooms - large padded titanium boxes with GPS - under all houses in areas under threat from tsunamis.
Shared by thinkagain (7,340 points)
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Distribute ultrasonic devices to people in earthquake zones so that they can be located when trapped under rubble.

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