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Everyone is always trying to think of the next big thing that will simplify the lives of millions of people. Having a knowledge of business helps when starting out but it is not necessary. When looking for entrepreneur ideas it is best to seek to produce something that is in high demand. Think of things that would make your life easier and make a business of it. If people can relate to it they will be apt to purchase it. Make sure that you understand your budget when making decisions regarding your new venture.

LinkedIn can also be an invaluable tool for entrepreneurs.  Not only can you add connected people to your network but you can learn a lot through discussions with industry professionals using the site's groups feature.

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If you are good at creating and balancing a budget you could go into business helping others do the same. Amidst the current economic hardships it is even more important for people to be able to budget their resources accordingly. If finance doesn't interest you, you could start up an advertising company or a small catering business. You could also be an investor for new companies or inventions that come out; if you invest in a good idea early on and it takes off you can make quite a lot of money (cell phones are a good example). On the other hand, if it fails you will lose everything you put into the venture.
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Start a business where you can make free phone calls if the receiver of the call agrees to listen to an ad before the call starts.
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Add a new dimension to "Shark Tank" allowing viewers to invest in businesses that the sharks turned down.
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