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Family Photo ideas

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I've used scanners and digital photographs of the pictures and key documents that we have collected over the years to create a digital repository.  I burned a number of copies on CD and shared them with the rest of the family.  If something happens, we have a backup in several places.
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While the blue jeans, white t-shirts and barefoot appearance of the family posing at the beach has become a trademark family photo, it still works. This idea is what brought the attention to faces, taking it away from contrasting garments. The subject is the family, the concept of family, and it is best served when everyone is wearing non-competitive clothing. The location for the shoot can be anywhere that will allow enough room without presenting too much of a challenge for the basics of lighting and perspective to get everyone in the shot comfortably. Studio shots with a backdrop offer the same advantage where the family remains the subject. Whatever is decided, remember to remain coordinated, age-appropriate, avoid trends that can date the photo in later years and always tone down jewelry and makeup.
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