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Raising baby chicks is a fun, easy farm project the whole family can enjoy. You can create your brooder from things you already have lying around to save money.

The chicks need a cozy, safe place to live for several weeks before they're ready to be outside. A garage or corner of your home is the best place for them. Either way  you can keep an eye on them and watch them grow. But if you have indoor animals make sure that the chicks will be safe from your other pets!
You need a safe box to contain them. A large plastic bin, a watering trough or a dog kennel with a layer of wood shavings in the bottom are all good choices for their brooder. The babies won't be able to keep warm until their feathers are fully grown so you need to provide a heat source. A 70-watt bulb in a brooder lamp or a shop light will be enough for up to 12 chicks.
Buy a chick feeder and waterer and keep them full and clean at all times. You may want to elevate them on blocks of wood to keep them cleaner. 
A brooder with a heat lamp, wood shavings and chick feeder and waterers will keep them safe, healthy and warm for at least 4 - 6 weeks. Then you'lll need to find a larger container for them (or you can put them in the hen house with a heat lamp).
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Holographic Scarecrow

Put a little life into your scarecrow.

Mounted on a large weather vane in a field, the holographic image of a scarecrow would move wherever the wind moved it, making it a more lifelike threat to crows.
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In poor Caribbean countries hard-working farmers should get equal treatment, if not preferential treatment, for their produce in the European and American markets.
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For crops that can't be mechanically harvested, like strawberries, make a robotic picker for them. Could be powered by solar cells.
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Develop genetically-modified crops and plant them in the corners of fields to lure pests away from the main crops and destroy most of the pests before they cause damage.
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