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Fire Safety ideas

Requested in Society & Politics by a contributor
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A self-contained rope platform would help people that are trapped in building fires of multiple stories. They'd be able to evacuate from the upper windows much more quickly.

Shared by huozaizijiu999 (160 points)

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Skyscraper Fire Escapes

This invention would require one small office on each side of a skyscraper on every floor to be set aside as a fire escape. In the event of a fire someone would go into the office and release a catch holding back a long metal arm that would telescope out the window to a point about 20 feet beyond the edge, far enough to avoid any flames coming out of the windows below. Once the pole was fully extended a guide wire would roll down the tube and drop to the street. The minute it hit the pavement a small charge would go off like it does on an airbag, anchoring the wire to the pavement. Next, a series of bars would unfold under the pole. They'd probably look something like pogo sticks and have self-locking handgrips (and foot grips too if necessary). People would simply lock themselves onto the pole and ride it down. Each pole would be attached to its own spool of wire to control the descent and these wires would have a ring on them to keep them in line with the guide wire (there'd be a slot beneath the telescoping pole to smooth out the slide down from the office to the end of the pole).

After the fire was put out the street would probably have to be repaved but that would be a small price to pay for the lives that were saved.
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Faster than stairs to use a spiral slide to escape from tall buildings during a fire. Have a cover and can use seats/seatbelts on gears that regulate the speed. Do 10 floors at a time. Just in cases of an emergency access it through locked metal doors.
Shared by LWBaum (5,620 points)
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When there's a fire or other emergency at school and children have to leave a crowded place quickly teach them to walk calmly and not push. If they get in a rush and start a stampede that can make a jam with not many being able to escape from it. Practice it a few times.
Shared by LWBaum (5,620 points)
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When there's a fire or other emergency they can catch people by manually or automatically extending cushioned mats from the buildings. They could also climb down to safety on ladders made of U-shaped rods.
Shared by Ibis1 (260 points)
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New design of fire alarm where you can press it a 2nd time to cancel it if it was a false alarm.
Shared by a contributor
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Add a fire station-type pole in all public buildings for quick evacuations.
Shared by a contributor

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