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Date line idea: 1-800-HOT-MAMA

Company logo idea: Uh, You're Doing it Wrong

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The past year I've been posting a lot of funny shit and jokes on Facebook. Thought up some new memes and hashtags along the way for FB and Twitter posts.

#punned instead of pwned

#youredewingitwrong instead of you're doing it wrong

#killinit for jokes when someone's dying

#hawkward (can't take full credit for this - saw it on Angry Duck) for when you're pimping something of your own


#faithpalm instead of facepalm



For sexy pics of hot mamas



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Ego Alert

For people who like themselves too much.

This would be a simple button you wore to keep track of how often the person you're talking to says the words I, me, my or mine. If they go over a certain limit (number of times per minute or ratio to other words) then it begins to glow, yellow at first and then bright red if the speaker doesn't take the hint. It would have to be able to keep track of different speakers of course, and also be able to apply a different algorithm to stutterers. Seeing their egotism glaring back at them might be just the thing some of these people need to stop and listen what you have to say. In the event that you're the one with the big ego the button could vibrate at increasing levels until you figured out there were other real people around.

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A toilet where people would chuck a penny or hopefully more into it so it'd play a rude noise of someone farting or just some funny noises. That'd be great for fairs and festivals and all sorts of cool stores.
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