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Golf ideas

Requested in Sports by a contributor
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A golf club with a telescopic shaft an adjustable head angle. Then that one club could replace a whole set of irons. Just adjust the shaft length and the head.
Shared by patkane (180 points)

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A tool that allows your golf clubs to stand on their own upright. Just clip it on to the club. Allows it to stand on its own upright. You'd never have to bend over to pick up your clubs and then you'd never have to lay extra clubs on the ground.
Shared by clubcaddy1 (140 points)
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Guerrilla marketing at golf courses, etc.


Shared by K OS (1,780 points)
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They say if you hit a golf ball correctly you knock the tee out. Why not a rubber tee to keep the tee from being hit out of the ground so often on the courses and driving ranges?
Shared by a contributor

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