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With all of these shortages (it's crazy that an organ shortage kills 30 Americans every day) for organ transplants I think it's a no-brainer to incentivize donors and get a lot more organs available to those in need. Nobody should have to die just because there were no organs available.


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Sneeze Spray

Oral-Gel for the Nose

A certain percentage of people sneeze two or three times whenever they walk out into bright sunlight. Since I fall into that category it started me thinking about whether sneezing could pose problems. A quick search on Google showed that it definitely could - it can be deadly for fighter pilots coming out the clouds during air combat, risky for drivers trying to merge onto busy highways, and just plain annoying when your spouse wakes you from a sound sleep with a sudden sneezing jag. So a solution is called for. Since most of the literature points towards sneezes being ultimately caused by nerve endings inside the nose being overly stimulated, a Dristan-like nasal spray might solve the problem. Instead of clearing your nasal passages though the mist from this spray would numb the nerve endings inside your nose, stopping the sneeze mid-stride.

The Straight Dope

The Photic Sneeze Reflex

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You can save more lives than you think if you donate a kidney to a stranger. When you do you can trigger a chain reaction where relatives who were willing to donate a kidney to them, but their organ wasn't a match, give theirs to a stranger instead. It's called a "domino transplant" and then even more lives are saved in the process.
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Saving Superman

Let's keep bed sores from killing the next one.

Driving down the highway today I started wondering why truckers never get bed sores on their butt. The answer of course is because they keep shifting position. From there it was a small leap to Superman, a.k.a. Christopher Reeves, and his recent death as a result from complications arising from bed sores. It seems to me with all of our technology it shouldn't be too hard to create a thick, weight-sensing mat that could sense where the most weight was currently being applied against it and gently shift the body to put that weight on other spots every hour or so to keep bed sores from forming. A carseat type mat would also be a helpful invention, along the same lines for use in wheelchairs.

These devices would quickly pay for themselves when used on paralyzed patients. Nursing homes would have lower labor costs because they wouldn't have to manually turn patients as often, and insurance costs would go down as the number of deaths by bed sore decreased (fewer lawsuits).

Speaking of money, rich folks wouldn't be satisfied with a common mat though, so we could create half of a sarcophagus to cradle them and shift them over a greater side-to-side and front-to-back range.

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Blood for My Eyes

A fair trade.

A lot of people who have vision plans sponsored by their company don't take advantage of them (because of time constraints in my case). A workable solution might be to pair up blood mobiles with eye care companies. The companies would pay the fuel and mechanical repair costs for the blood mobiles (a public benefit) and in exchange get a chance to examine people who have nothing much else to do while their blood is being withdrawn. It would be a win-win-win situation. The cost of running blood mobiles would decrease, glasses/contact lens sales would increase, and some employees would finally get to see where they're working. The only hurdle we'd have to overcome is increasing the speed at which a vision screening can be done.
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Some people are hypoactive the way others are hyperactive. But it's not noticed when they're quiet. But it often causes problems. Avoiding exercise can be really harzardous to your health and less interaction can lead to problems at work or with your marriage so stay active.
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Put defibrillators in public places and train people on how to use them like they do now with CPR. Would save the lives of a lot of heart attack victims.
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If they made a central registry they could encourage people to donate their organs by paying them to agree to do it after they die. When they die pay a relative of theirs another fee if they agree to let their organs be used. Would help poor families and save so many lives.
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Everyone should get hepatitis A and B vaccinations (especially health workers and those living in areas with a lot of hepatitis). This greatly reduces the risk of developing liver cancer (which is caused by hepatitis B a lot of times).
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High blood pressure causes kidney damage, heart attacks, vision loss, and strokes. You can help keep it under control by it by eating healthy (high calcium/low sodium), exercising, not smoking, taking diuretics as needed and not drinking too much alcohol.
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Increasing cigarette taxes to include the healthcare cost of smoking would help to reduce smoking. As far as the smugglers, have them aid the nurses to care for patients with heart disease, emphysema, and lung cancer as punishment for trying to avoid the tax.
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Someone should make ergonomic nail clippers with oversized handles for people with arthritis, etc.
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Filtering water with a folded cloth is an affordable and effective way to people in poor areas to prevent cholera.

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Bar codes on prescription bottles and have a refill app on phones so you wouldn't have to call in the script.
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