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Holiday Door Decorating ideas

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There are plenty of creative ideas to transform the front door into something festive and fun. This DIY project may require a trip to the local craft or grocery store or you may already have everything at home. First, settle on a theme. It can be anything... traditional, funny, kid-inspired or totally unique.

For a classic eye-catching decoration use a Christmas tree (or any pine tree). Cut the excess branches with tree clippers and bind them together to form a wreath. Carefully use either a staple gun or green-colored wire to hold them. The wreath can be decorated with red bows, glitter, imitation snow, bells or gingerbread men cutouts made from construction paper. Once it's finished and beautiful, search the house for some holiday gift wrap (winter wonderland, holiday plaid and toys are great wrapping paper themes) or make a quick run to the store. Cover the entire front door in it and secure the paper with tape. Place the wreath in the center and you have the ultimate holiday door!
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