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Welcome to the Neighborhood
On the TV show The District one of the devices on it was a map of DC that could have different types of crime scenes overlaid onto it. This concept might turn a profit if it was incorporated into something like Mapquest and offered as part of a premium service by auto clubs or real estate agencies (though some agencies might not want this information known).
By law, real estate agencies have to tell the buyer about any defects in the houses they're trying to sell (at least they do in the US). A recent murder in the house wouldn't be considered a defect though, nor would the fact that last year someone had broken into a house 3 different times (both of these are real examples of houses in my neighborhood where the rest of the houses led a more ho-hum existence). It would be paid for by people who wanted to use it for their own benefit or by companies who wanted to offer it as part of their relocation service. The users would simply type in an address and see a map of their prospective neighborhood with crime scenes overlaying it. The crimes could be filtered by type to see if they were minor or major drawbacks or by date range to see if the crime rate was rising or falling. That way they'd know if they'd soon be starring on an episode of Cops.
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