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Hotel ideas

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If there's smoke or a fire in your hotel room the door should light up with instructions on the door telling you what to do and where you can go for safety.
Shared by jmdancers (200 points)

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Hotels should encourage people staying there to be careful to quietly close their room doors between 10 pm and 8 am. They can put a notice on their doors saying it. That way other guests could sleep less disturbed.
Shared by lollipoop99 (300 points)
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Open a hotel where each guest can set up a Facebook-style page on the hotel intranet to socialize with the other guests.
Shared by Argo (2,640 points)
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Elevator De-Pranker

This is a simple idea for hotels that cater to families. It's not uncommon for kids to think it's funny to press all of the buttons on their way out of the elevator so it will go to every floor. The result is that everyone waiting for it has to wait a little bit longer. A weight-sensitive mat covering the elevator floor could fix that. If the mat sensed that there was less than 20 pounds on it when the doors closed it would signal the console to de-select every button. Elevators that already have weight sensors built into them for safety reasons could be upgraded to do the same thing.
Shared by JFR (6,080 points)

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