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Ideas for the Blind

Requested in Society & Politics by a contributor
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Blind people still need pictures to convey things (for artwork, schoolwork, websites, etc.). A voluntary service aimed at finding these pictures could be set up for the visually-impaired.
Shared by DBMike (800 points)

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Blind Carpets

A blind parent who has to take care of sloppy kids might find it useful to have a carpet pad that could emit ultrasound waves at the touch of a button to alert them that the kids had left something on the floor (and tell them where it is in relation to where they were standing). A baseline test with the floor picked up would establish which items to ignore (chairs, coffee tables, etc.). Something similar could be done with cabinets and drawers. When a magnetic seal was broken (like home alarm systems on windows) the hearing aid or communicator would let a blind user know about it at the touch of a button.

If an ultrasonic emitting carpet pad proved too expensive, a system built using the three-way lasers that some levels use now could be adapted to suit our purpose. With one put in each corner of the room it could triangulate obstructions and note where it found any that didn't belong where they were.
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I Wouldn't Sit There if I Were You

The Nasty Toilet Recognition System

Ever wonder how a blind person knows if the smell coming from a public toilet stall is just left over from a previous tenant or continuing to be emitted by a dirty seat? They could always wipe the seat of course but that still wouldn't tell them if the toilet was clogged (or about to be). That's where the Toilet Recognition System comes in. If we can create a software program that's capable of matching one face in a million then we should be able to write one that will be able to recognize a dirty toilet from a clean one when a blind person points their camera phone at it. If the toilet looked hazardous the computerized voice would just say 'I wouldn't sit there if I were you.' I'm sure there are a lot of other situations where it would be helpful to have a computer program do the checking for a blind person too.
Shared by JFR (6,080 points)
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Put braille dots on cell phone keys so the blind won't have such a hard time using them.
Shared by LWBaum (5,620 points)
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There are monthly magazines for every taste but the blind are usually left out when the magazine they like is not accessible to them. Someone should start a service where sighted people would read the articles to the blind over the phone.
Shared by DBMike (800 points)
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Invent a device that scans a page of text to render it in Braille on a rubber touchpad above making all books accessible by the blind.
Shared by Donna F (790 points)

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