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Ideas for the Handicapped

Requested in Health by a contributor
edited by Dreamer

6 Ideas

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A portable wheelchair ramp. Simple as that.
Shared by a contributor

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For those who can't use their hands or have carpal tunnel, a computer program that controls the mouse pointer using voice recognition. Also allow you to surf the web and perform common computer functions verbally.
Shared by loseyourmarbles (520 points)
0 votes
Offer "reachers" for short customers or those in wheelchairs at grocery, department and drug stores.
Shared by msmowe (440 points)
0 votes
Stand for a folded wheelchair so it wouldn't wobble when putting it in a moving vehicle.
Shared by msmowe (440 points)
0 votes
A hands-free computer for the paralyzed or those using their hands for something else. You'd wear a visor with a laser pointer on it and the screen would be light-sensitive, detecting where you're looking.
Shared by NetworkMidland (140 points)
0 votes
A Handicapped Merry Go Round

A carousel with wheelchair access. Wheelchairs would be able to be secured in place. Right now handicapped people can only watch and not enjoy the ride. Being the first, it would generate a lot of publicity for the handicapped.
Shared by amail (140 points)

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