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Roaming Glasses

These would be glasses that had small, wireless webcams attached to them (or to a headband you could slip onto your hat). The popularity of fixed webcams in public places has already been established. These moving webcams would give you a more dynamic view of events.

The way they'd work would be pretty simple. Whenever the webcam entered an area where wireless signals could be sent it would start broadcasting (after the user flipped a switch to turn it on since there are times when he or she wouldn't want it on). The pictures would be transmitted to a web site that worked somewhat like mapquest. You'd pick an area you're interested in, zoom down to a picture showing the active cameras, and click on the one you wanted to see. That way you'd see everything the wearer saw.
The issue of transmitting audio along with the visual signal would be open for debate. In a lot of areas it's illegal to record someone without their permission which is what could happen if we let audio signals be transmitted (there's no such limitation on visual signals though).
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A quirky but interesting online business idea would be to create forms and templates for other businesses to use. When new businesses are starting out or current businesses decide to expand their efforts they often are in need of forms to help streamline their business. If you have experience in the corporate world you will understand the amount of forms that are used on a daily basis.

The best way to get started in this industry is to build a bunch of forms and then place them on a website that you created. You can contact local businesses and tell them about your forms or services to see if they need any custom forms. The best way to build up business online is to find an untapped niche and then dominate that area as the best supplier.

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A website where parents can trade babysitting time. It could pre-screen each couple when they join the site.
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So there are ISBN #'s for books (starting with 978), and ISSN #'s for magazines (starting with 977). Why not ISHN's or whatever, a hypertext publication number for individual blog posts/online news stories/articles so if somebody tells you to look up an article you can just type in the ISHN quick and BOOM, load up that webpage without typing out a long URL with the .com and all the dots and slashes.
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