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A missing persons picture (rotate new ones every couple days) on an internet welcome page.
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Accelerate My Bookmarks

There are already accelerators out there that will download all of the links on a web page while you're reading the page to speed up the process when you click on a link. Another useful accelerator feature would be to automatically download all of the links listed in your bookmarks/favorites once you set that as a default. That way whenever you clicked on a bookmark the page would already be there.
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Pizza Hut Plugin

A new toolbar for your browser.

Getting fast food delivered to your hotel room during a business trip isn't particularly hard, it's just annoying sometimes to stop in the middle of typing on the laptop to stop, find out what kind of places are available, find their number, and call them. Since my wireless laptop knows where it is and the restaurants know where they are, it should be possible to have a toolbar dynamically build itself when I turn the machine on. That way when I get hungry I could just click on the Pizza Hut icon (or whatever) and place my order. (In primitive places I'd still have to stop typing and actually call them on the phone, but at least their number would be handy)
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Link the addresses and contact info of all businesses within a selectable radius of any location on Google Earth.
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A central "password bank" that can automatically store all your passwords for you so you can quickly access them with a single code if you forget one; that way you don't have to go through the pain of resetting it.
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An option where you can choose to have a random website appear as your homepage every day.
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Place a 'W' plaque on all buildings with close links to people mentioned in Wikipedia. A QR code on the plaque could offer more information
Shared by thinkagain (7,340 points)
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Develop a web browser add-on that controls volume on websites without affecting other sounds on the computer.
Shared by TakeFive (8,280 points)

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