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Stock chart sites should give you the option of showing not just the price, but EPS (earnings per share) and cash flow per share over different periods of time. Would work well for multi-year charts in particular.
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Investing can be tricky. The stock market is a gamble on any given day. The same holds true for any business venture you may be looking to invest money in. New business ventures have the potential of a high rate of return if you get in on the ground floor. However, they are also at a high risk of going under within the first year or two. One thing to keep in mind is that anything that has a high rate of return will always be a high risk venture. The only investments that will have lower risk are also going to have a lower rate of return - such as municipal bonds or CD's.
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Always buy a business, not a stock.

Look at the business, its growth, revenue and other fundementals.

As Warren Buffett put it, he invests in businesses. He bought shares of Pepsi Inc., because he and his friends loved drinking Pepsi. Hence he thought it would be a good buy.

Similarly, he invested in P&G on the idea that since men can never stop growing beards and shaving them Gillette would always have high demand for their products. He followed that same logic.

Always invest for the long term. Don't look for short term gains.

Happy Investing
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