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Companies are always designing new products but they need brand names for them. Someone should make a website where anyone can submit their ideas for names of the new products that'll be hitting the market. People whose brands are selected would win prizes. They'll need to make the details of the products sketchy so rivals can't copy them. That's the tricky part.
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A great way to get your business name in front of the media is to constantly send out press releases when any change happens within the business. Local newspapers love articles about local businesses. The more people see that the business is active the more likely they will visit your business.

But what is considered newsworthy? One reason to have a press release would be the hiring or promotion of employees in your business. This builds human interest in the papers and many of them have sections in their paper just for this reason. Also, it shows the community that you care enough about your employees to send out a release. Another reason to send one out would be for a major new development in the business or if you decided to open the business up to an entirely new market.

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To indicate you have a live person answering your phones put a black star in front of your business name in the yellow pages. If customers know they won't have to deal with an answering machine they'd be more likely to choose your business.
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Subsidize postage costs by printing advertisements on the envelopes. Solve the postal service's woes and maybe eventually almost make postage free.
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Stores can put ads on their receipts. Help recover the money they lose on discounts.
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At the mall stores could give you the option to enter your Twitter/Facebook name and password for them to automatically post that you bought this "sweet dress" (maybe include a pic of it) or whatever to promote them to your friends. Give you a discount on your purchase if agree to do it...
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They should have a study on the longest running advertising and marketing slogans for different products. That'd be interesting to see which ones have stood the test of time. There's a segment for Innovation Nation or something.
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