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Nurses and doctors, as well as visitors, in hospitals use alcohol hand gel to wash their hands. They should put soluble orange dye in it. That way anyone who didn't use it would be easily identified. When they left the hospital it would be easy to wash it off.
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Hospitals in developed nations like the US, Canada and France should donate their old medical equipment to third-world countries that are developing. That old model that might be obsolete in the developed world is tons better than none.
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Floating Doctors

This idea mainly applies to the U.S. where doctors are leaving the profession because they can't afford to pay the high malpractice premiums. One of the major reasons the premiums are so high is because insurance companies have to set aside a bundle of cash in case they have to pay off ridiculously high court judgments.

Here's the idea. There are two piles of money being collected now, premiums from companies/employees to get regular insurance, and premiums from doctors to get malpractice insurance. A new company would offer to cut the size of both payments in half. It could do so because its costs would be cut in the following manner.

Routine medical care would continue to be provided the way it is now by doctors who joined the company in return for the reduction in their malpractice premiums (the premiums would be paid to this new company). If a patient needed surgery though they'd be ferried out to a ship sitting in international waters for it (like casino gambling boats do now). Since the operation was outside the U.S. borders the doctors couldn't be sued in U.S. courts thereby saving the new company lawyers fees and those huge malpractice awards.

Now and then a doctor would still do something wrong though. To protect the patient in that case a nine person board would decide whether the doctor was guilty. This board would have 2 doctors on it, 2 investigative reporters, and 5 students who had been given full scholarships to the schools of their choice (and who didn't major in either law or medicine). The students, having already been given non-revocable scholarships by the new company, could be impartial and would be the majority. This would insure that the patient got a fair hearing. If the doctor was found guilty the patient would then receive an amount in damages based on the rates originally agreed to when they signed up for this insurance plan with their employer.

When discussing this idea with other people some questions kept repeatedly coming up so I've listed the most common ones and their answers in more detail below.

1. How does the board find guilt or innocence?  The two doctors on the board would perform a peer review the same way it's done in hospitals now. The doctors would come from the pool of physicians who signed up for the program and would be chosen on a case by case basis to make sure they had the same qualifications as the doctor being investigated. The investigative reporters are there to get whatever additional information might be needed.

2. What methods are used?  Doctors signing up for the program would agree to give the board full access to their records for the operation in question, and any previous operations that had been challenged. The whole 9-member board would review these records and make a decision the same way juries do (the doctor being investigated would be allowed to defend himself too).

3. What authority is exercised?  The board would just note minor mistakes in a file so during the doctor's annual evaluation they could help the reviewers decide if an accumulation of mistakes warranted dropping the doctor from the program. In cases of extreme malpractice, the doctor would be immediately dropped from the program and a complete history of the case would be sent to the licensing authority in his state.

4. How are punishments enforced? See question 3.

5. What rights to access do you suggest? If by access you mean who can join this type of insurance program, it would be available to any employee whose employer offered it. Geography would be a consideration. It would probably only be cost-effective in locations with easy access to a coastline.

6. How is this funded? There would primarily be two sources of funding - the malpractice premiums coming from doctors (who decided to join the program because these premiums would be 50% less than whatever they're currently paying), and the employee payroll deductions made by those who joined the plan. Not that the truly wealthy would need it, but they could join as private-pay clients. Self-employed businessmen would also have the same option.
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Ambulance 2x2... Living in Florida, it's not uncommon to see an ambulance racing towards you in the rearview mirror. If you're lucky this happens when you're nowhere near an intersection and you can safely pull over. If you're unlucky this happens at a crowded intersection where the ambulance has to wait while you and about fifty other drivers have to figure out how best to create a path through the buildup (drivers waiting to get into the left turn lane rarely move to the right to clear this path).

One solution would be to split up the paramedics. There are always two to an ambulance now, one to drive and one to take care of the patient in the back on the return trip. If we modified a motorcycle and put one of these paramedics on it he'd be able to speed through the narrow gaps in any intersection that was blocked and reach the victim much faster. It wouldn't be long before people learned that this motorcycle would quickly be followed by the regular ambulance, giving them time extra time to move over.

At the accident scene (or house if that's where they were called to), the driver would help the motorcycle patient load the patient into the ambulance and then put the bike on a lift attached to the front of the vehicle before heading to the hospital. We might have to add some kind of counterweight to the back of the ambulance to keep it from becoming top-heavy on the front end, but this is doable.

Also, the motorcycle paramedic should also have a radio built into his helmet in case he needs to get, or give, updates along the way.
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MRI in Progress - Don't Move

Help me hold still.

I recently had an MRI taken and didn't experience any problems until the next to the last sequence when the technologist said there was a little bit of motion on the previous run so make sure not to move on the next one. Of course this instruction made me self-conscious about moving which in turn made it even harder not to move. Seems to me it would be better if we had the invention of a tube that would inflate once you're inside the machine to keep you still so you wouldn't have to worry about it - sort of a full-body blood pressure cuff. It wouldn't inflate enough to cut off your circulation, it would just keep you in one position. If they couldn't do a one-size-fits -all inflatable then they could take a cue from the toy shirts they sell kids that come with a Superman insignia and inflate to give them fake muscles. I'd be willing to put on a shirt and pants that inflated once I was inside the machine to hold me in place (it should be noted that I'm not claustrophobic - this might not be a good idea for people who suffer from that).
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Dissolve roots of teeth that need to be extracted with the same ultra shock technology that's used to dissolve gallstones. This would work even better for wisdom teeth. Then the teeth could be easily removed and the roots could be drained out with the blood because they would nearly be liquified.
Shared by Hamasaurus68 (220 points)
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Use Barefoot Doctors in poor areas. This can improve the medical care there. What they are is lesser-qualified practitioners that are paid less. They specialize in treating simple conditions while passing on other cases to doctors with a broader range of qualifications. It could be another nursing qualification.
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One-time use medical syringes that can't be shared. The plunger could go down but not back up again because of ratchet-type teeth that would be built into them.
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Intelligent Endo Dental Surgical Robot with dental radiography system and webcam and injection of anesthetic plus Dental decay Detection intelligent devices via the piezoelectric system with 100% accuracy without any complications. More at
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