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Sleepwalking for Kids, Sleep Paralysis for Teenagers

The incidences of sleepwalking in children decrease as they near puberty. The onset of puberty is also when the vast majority of people who have experienced sleep paralysis report their first episode of it. Could the sleepwalking children be lacking the chemical that the sleep paralyzed have too much off? If they do then maybe all we need to do is give the children a small dose of it each night to keep them safely in bed and give teenagers a dose of its opposite when they're reporting sleep paralysis (which is often accompanied by extreme nightmares).
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Bully Blockers

When a research group was studying Sildenafil as a treatment for angina they noticed one of its unexpected side effects was erections but didn't think much about it. Another group of scientists from Pfizer took advantage of the law of unintended consequences and turned this side effect into the drug Viagra.

Maybe we should try to do the same thing with one of the dissociative drugs like ketamine, or an entactogen like MDMA. In this case the side effect we'd be looking at is empathy. If the neurological source for empathy could be found and targeted with a drug that didn't have any of the other negative side effects common with these classes of drugs we'd have something we could prescribe for overly aggressive kids just like we prescribe Ritalin for overactive kids. The same drug could also be prescribed to any adult who was sentenced to an anger management class.
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Humming Heads

I read about a phenomena called "otoacoustic emission" in a New Scientist article where there was a dog who seemed to be humming everywhere he went. Here's an excerpt:

"In this condition, the normal hearing pathways in the ears are somehow reversed, so that the cochlear efferent nerve fibers stimulate outer hair cells to vibrate and make a noise. Other parts of the ear, such as the tympanic membrane, can then amplify the sound, until you end up like Zoe, humming wherever you go."

Zoe, as you might have guessed, was the dog.

Never letting a weird thought go to waste, here's a suggestion on how we could turn that condition into something useful. People who have had a severe spinal injury can enter what is called a "locked-in state," meaning they are so paralyzed that there's no way for them to communicate with the outside world. If a cochlear implant was designed so that it could create these otoacoustic emissions on demand then it might give these patients a way to communicate. With a little biofeedback training they could vary the sound waves that are being emitted and establish a new form of communication.

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Out-of-Body Surgery

Here's another idea from the quantum world. It should become real in about 40 or 50 years from now. Since we can already entangle two clusters of atoms, each being thousands of atoms thick, someday we should be able to entangle billions of them (Cesium ions in small cylinders are being used for this at the present time). In this distant future where when whatever you do to one group of atoms has an immediate and predictable effect on the other you could perform out-of-body surgery. The patient would be put into one cylinder and a cloud of atoms pumped into another cylinder of equal size. Once all of the atoms in the two cylinders was oms were entangled you could perform surgery on the cloud and have it fix the patient. That's about as non-invasive as you can get.
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Knee Airbags (Stiffeners)

Sometimes the elderly use a walker not because they can't move around on their own. Instead they use it because they don't trust their legs. After their legs have unexpectedly given out on then a couple of times they won't have the security of always knowing they've got something to grab that will keep them from hitting the ground. It seems like someone should be able to design a set of knee bands that could give them all the security they need. The bands would stiffen up whenever they sensed a sudden change (sort of like airbags) and keep the legs from buckling. This would free all of those people from having to depend on their walkers.
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There is strong evidence to suggest that subjective time is determined by one's current metabolic rate (associated with the hormone Thyroxine). In children a slight increase in rate can lead to a marked increase in the subjective experience of time - one becomes speeded-up to the extent that, say, one hour to your average person is 1.5 - 2.0 hours for the child.

Is it possible that people in a coma or catatonic state are experiencing a negative time distortion effect - instead of subjective time being longer than objective time, maybe subjective time is much shorter. If 1 day of real time equals 1 second or less of subjective time then patients might be reacting according to their own internal frame of reference. It would be interesting to see what would happen if their Thyroxine level was increased.
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How to Bring Someone out of a Coma

The body releases endorphins, our natural painkillers, when we're in pain. Suppose the body felt a fatal blow was coming. Would it release endorphins ahead of time to blunt the pain? If it did and the blow turned out not to be fatal, would it have any way to get rid of the endorphin overdose since it never expected to have to do so? Along those lines, could something akin to Naxolone (Narcan), the heroin antidote, bring someone out of an endorphin-induced coma?
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Research has shown reducing the calories monkeys take in daily by 30% - 40% lengthens their lifespans by the same amount. They should do experiments to see what effect that calorie reduction has on the energy, mental capabilities, etc. of humans to see if that should be recommended for us in some cases.
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Have post-clinical trials for new drugs on the market. For the first 2 years after a drug is approved the drug companies would have to monitor them and publish studies on their effectiveness as part of public record.
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Use coral for bone replacement. Vascular tissue could grow into it because the porosity would make that possible. It would work well as new living bone tissue over time.
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We can develop new types of bacteria through genetic engineering or selection that feed on different viruses to cure the diseases. Similar to how bacterial diseases are treated by bacteriophage viruses.
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Keep ganglion cells alive using CNTF gene therapy for glaucoma. Deliver by liposomes.
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Invasive immune cells or ex vivo infect microglia that disperse throughout the brain after entering the brain through vessel walls. New brain gene therapy.
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There's an increased cancer risk among smokers taking beta carotene. That could be due to the antioxidant suppression of radical-mediated immune surveillance. Most tumors are usually killed by that early on.
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Transferrin antibodies to carry drugs like proteins and oligonucleotides into the brain when they normally don't cross the blood-brain barrier.
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A new needle design for people who shake too much for regular needles because they have nerve disorders. It would have a pistol handle with a spring for motion and a strap for their arm.
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