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Few people believe that they can make money by writing. They view writing as just a hobby or as something that can earn them a few pennies here and there through blog-based pay-per-click advertising. Writing can actually be quite a lucrative career for those talented individuals who are willing to put in the required hours and effort. There are a few writing brokerage services on the Internet that will employ the best and the brightest. These services allow their writers to choose from a number of projects, usually getting paid per each word written.
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Best business now is to participate in a community banking. Since banks are loaning us our own money, we don't need such an intermediate. People now help each other with money directly. You can earn 10-50% monthly. More information at

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Have you forgotten about all that stuff you've been storing in your attic, basement and closets? Clean them out and you just might stumble upon some rare antiques, books, or collectibles that you didn't realize were now valuable. Have a garage sale or list some of them on eBay or Craigslist.
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Most anyone is passionate and knowledgeable enough about a certain subject that they can sit down and write a thorough e-book about it.  It can be anything under the sun.  Choosing a very specific niche can lead to more sales of your book in a smaller-sized market whereas there will be more competition if you target a popular and lucrative market. Take a hard look at what you want to write about and decide where you want to fall on the spectrum.


Clickbank is a top marketplace for digital products. You upload your e-book there, create an advertisement for it, choose a price to sell it at, and a commission to pay affiliates who find buyers for you. You can just wait for their tens of thousands of affiliate marketers to promote it or you can also get a domain and create a related site/blog for it yourself. Then you can be generating sales of it from visitors to your website (and keep more of the profit for yourself). Depending on the subject you can create an ongoing stream of high-margin revenue for yourself with little to no maintenance. Ookabooka is a new e-book exchange as well.

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