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If you're looking to liven up that game of Monopoly get one of the hundreds of Monopoly versions customized in a specific theme. At USAopoly they have them for various popular sports teams, movies, TV shows, cities, video games, rock groups, colleges, etc. You can also work with them to design and produce Monopoly games completely customized for the company you work for. Those make for great giveaways to employees or customers.

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Firebox offers a way to make a one-of-a-kind customizable version of Monopoly that is great for families. The great part is you can buy just one copy of it.  After ordering it you go online to specify what names you want for the properties (local streets and landmarks, friends' houses, or just places around the house like the tool shed and dog house) and the four stations. You can also put your name in the middle of the board and choose a theme for the middle of the board like a wedding or "Happy Birthday."

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Boardwalk and Park Place are not the best group to own even though they are the most expensive. They are a 2-property group so players don't land on them as often as 3-property groups. Also, the corner space immediately before them is "Go to Jail." People go to jail very often in Monopoly. The red and orange groups are considered by many experienced players to be the best groups to own as they are often landed upon and you have to go past them when you get out of jail.
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