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Snoop's right. Why the hell isn't there a hip hop awards show just for niggas like The Grammys? Question is what do we call it? The Homies? The Thuggies?

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A simple karaoke machine attached to the internet could upload songs in clubs as karaoke singers sang them. A filtering program would automatically delete every song that was sung out of tune. The rest of the songs would be divided into musical categories so record executives could sample them when they were looking for new talent. Bands looking for new lead or backup singers could also comb through the songs to find someone who might meet their needs.

A comedy club version of this might work on amateur night too. The routines would be filtered by frequency and intensity of laughs with the talent scout being able to filter out people who fell below the top 1 or 2 percent. We might find some undiscovered talent this way (the routines would have to be timestamped though to keep companies from stealing the jokes).
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Radio Roulette

Auto station changer.

This idea is for a new radio channel that wouldn't be confined to a single-themed playlist. Instead, when you hit the button for it there would be a 10-second delay, followed by the beginning of a song chosen at random from all of the stations available (this would work best with satellite radios that could send a "start signal" before each song on each channel). The 10-second delay is there so the radio can operate like TiVo and create a smooth transition between songs after the channel's been selected. There would be another button beside the channel to let you skip to the next song in case the current one turned out to be annoying. With a channel like this I could hear a country song followed by a rock song followed by a hip hop song. The format wouldn't stay boringly single-threaded.
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Pitch Perfect Music

Sometimes it's hard to hear if you're on key.

This would be a simple clip-on that could be attached to something like the sheet music choir members were reading during practice (or to the inside edge of the lens of their glasses during a performance) that would glow green when they're on key the same way an electronic tuner does when you're tuning a guitar. It would make it a lot easier for choir members to stay on key.
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Singers could easily make hits by translating popular songs from other languages with a few tweaks. Since they were already popular over there they'd be more likely to top the charts in other languages too.
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Make a new wave in the music business by merging two different styles. Good examples are rap/gospel and rock/country. It'll attract more money to your music projects and bring in a much wider range of listeners.
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Albums of bands playing professionally re-recorded versions of the 1st songs each band ever wrote together. Proceeds to go to charity. Their first songs are often the most compelling and tell the tale of where they're coming from from the start..
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