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"Take Your Chances" Bridge

Assume the materials are up to the task.

This would be a 5 or 6 foot wide walkway running from one side of the Grand Canyon to the other. A helium-filled, rectangular-shaped balloon, made out of the same material that zeppelins are made out of, would hold up each twenty foot section of the bridge. The balloons would be weighted at the bottom to keep the bridge from completely flipping over. There would be handrails on both sides. People who wanted to cross it would be given a harness and pair of carabiners so they could attach themselves to whichever handrail they chose (the reason for having a pair of carabiners is so they could clip themselves to the next section before unclipping themselves from the current section). Given a good stiff breeze this could make for a memorable stroll.

Addendum: The amount of helium could be fluctuated so you'd be walking slightly downhill in both directions (the slope would be changed midday).
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Put underwater barriers below the Niagara Falls viewing platforms so if dumbasses fall in they won't be swept away.
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