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Those wanting to start a new business while not willing to risk a large financial investment should consider party and event planning. Many people do not have the time or the creative inclination to plan parties on their own, and will outsource the decoration, food, and invitations. A person who desires to become a party planner should document their own parties or plan parties for others for free in exchange for the right to use images from the event in advertising. The only initial investment in party planning is the cost of advertising, assuming customers pay upfront for services.
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You can generate new business ideas from a number of sources. Entrepreneurs seek to create products or services to solve problems or inefficiencies they have encountered. For instance, vending machines were created because it was taking consumers too long to travel to places where they could purchase sodas, cigarettes, etc. The vending machine industry continues to undergo a great deal of innovation, encompassing more and more products.

Employees of existing businesses will naturally come up with ideas for new product lines or iterations on existing products. But companies should not neglect their valuable customer base when thinking outside of the box. Market research through focus groups and surveys is fertile ground for coming up with ways to expand the business.

Occasionally, companies will come up with promising business initiatives that differ materially from their core business. An example of this is when Circuit City hatched CarMax. They divested the CarMax business so that it could raise funding of its own and grow independently of its then-parent company.
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Why do we have to have appointments for teeth cleaning? Someone should start a walk-in quick teeth cleaning service (like a barber shop).
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When you make a call play ads before the call goes through and rings. Lower the cost a lot. They could avoid the ads if they wanted to pay more.
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Hourly quiet rooms you could rent to sleep in at busy shopping malls. Take a timeout from a hectic day of shopping and relax there between running errands. It might be a long ways home for some folks.
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Driveway Rental: There are lots of cities with home driveways near the main shopping centers. Why not rent out those driveways for parking so the businesses can save space/money with smaller parking lots?
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Make edible birthday candles.
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A department in the supermarket where local people can sell produce from their gardens.
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Start a global taxi service that locates the cab closest to you (regardless of the company).
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since almost every single human have a handphone,why not create a android software like GRAB/UBER?a software where people can order taxi within minutes
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A shopping kiosk at self-serve gas pumps that allow the buyer to purchase specials offered by the quick-stop stores.
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Leave a space on receipts at department and home improvement stores, etc. so you could add a tip for the customer service people at the register or elsewhere in the stores.
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Choice of hold music when you're calling customer service... "Press 1 for Hip Hop/R&B, press 2 for Rock, 3 for Jazz, etc." Then people would stay on the line longer and they'd keep their business, eh?
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A company should partner with car rental companies to offer CD's and books on CD when you're renting a car. Then just  return the CD's with the car when you're done...
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Why the hell doesn't Walmart have kiosks for accessing the internet the way Staples does? Silly me! They can't even keep their damn job app kiosks running.
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We should be able to purchase airtime for cellphones directly from other subscribers of that carrier through a central app & website making it an eBay for cellphone minutes. For instance, pay $2 to another subscriber with each of them typing a code into their phones with it then instantaneously transferring the airtime from one subscriber's account to the other's account.
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