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Radio Wave Blanket
If the sky is falling let's triangulate the pieces.

Not sure if this is technically feasible or not but the idea is based on the concept of thinking of every cell tower as the spoke in the center of a ring of other cell towers. If a steady tone was continually broadcast among the towers it might be possible to pinpoint where a disruption in that blanket signal occurs, a disruption caused by something like a meteorite falling through it. Taking the idea one step further into possibly magic, I wonder if heat rising from a forest fire would disrupt the signal? If it did then we could create an early warning system for fires and get rid of all of the fire towers out there (here in the US at least).
Shared by JFR (6,080 points)

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Self-Changing Light Bulbs

Because changing outdoor lights is always a pain.

This idea for this invention is a lightbulb that has a tiny Ferris Wheel of tungsten filaments in it. When one filament burned out then the bulb, sensing the connection had been broken, would simply turn the wheel until the next filament on the wheel was connected. I'd still have to change the bulbs but much less often (10 times less frequently if there were 10 filaments on the wheel). This arrangement would also avoid the disposal problem posed by the newest generation of long-lasting bulbs.

Note: The electricity supplied to the bulb is what would also be used to turn the wheel when required.
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Doesn't it seem the chips and candy always get stuck in those stupid vending machines? The manufacturers should program the machine dispensers to rotate further so they fall down every time. After the candy falls then they can go back in reverse a little to set up for the next one.
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LED's in flashlights would be much more power-efficient than incandescent lights. They'd be much brighter when you bunch a lot of them together and they'd last a lot longer.

Shared by John Manning (660 points)
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Electric recharge parking meters where you could fill up your electric car at work by just popping in quarters.
Shared by LWBaum (5,620 points)

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