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Nutrition ideas

Requested in Health by rohitkumar1985in (200 points)
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Why not add vitamins and minerals to cokes, pizza, and potato chips? Then they're no longer junk food and we'll have better nutrition in our diets!
Shared by rohitkumar1985in (200 points)

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Restaurants should use spinach on hamburgers instead of iceberg lettuce. Restaurants should get incentives from the government to serve food that's more nutritious and limit portions.
Shared by stephb333 (140 points)
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Some Healthy Eating Ideas for the Famliy

Feed your kids only healthy food from weaning... fish fillet cooked with rice and extra water (congee), raisins for dessert instead of junk food, tiny pieces of bread for breakfast instead of cereal, and pureed or diced vegetables.
Shared by LWBaum (5,620 points)
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Why not put the calorie/fat content of foods as part of the UPC code? Then sell calculators with scanners and quickly detect how much you ate. Simplify it a ton.

Shared by TakeFive (8,280 points)

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