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There are always news reports of group violence but not enough is being done to prevent it. Scientific studies should be done on group hatred/loyalty like they do on other illnesses. That way they can determine the root social/psychological causes and find better solutions.
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Over 30 billion people have lived throughout history and there are more than 6 bil. people living now. Why can't we gather up about 50 of the brightest people on earth to come up with a way to eliminate the need for wars altogether? It would be like a permanent UN council...
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There are a lot of representatives that rarely participate in debates in Congress and parliament. The media should calculate the statistics of how often each politician participates in them and publish them around election time so we can hold them accountable and make more informed decisions.
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Technical deficits don't cause nearly as many deaths as behavior. The ratio is continuing to skew. More disease cures are being discovered but behaviors need to be addressed to prevent other causes of death such as poverty, smoking, AIDS, drugs, etc. Mind over matter.
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Sentence young offenders to 3 or 6 months helping aid agencies in areas where there have been natural disasters.
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Move rapidly towards near-total factory automation in developed countries which could solve the outflow of production jobs from there. Imposing an import tax could also help put the world back towards equilibrium. Every nation would have a better chance of determining their own fate.
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